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On-site & Roadside Commercial Fleet Repairs

At Lighthouse Mechanical, we understand that efficiency is one of the key factors to running a successful business. To keep up your efficiency during equipment servicing, we offer on-site and roadside commercial fleet repairs to businesses in Delta and the Lower Mainland. Our mobile service trucks can drive to your location, whether on the road or at your warehouse, to service or repair your vehicles.

On-site Maintenance

Our certified mechanics can assist you if your fleet equipment or trucks break down and need a repair. To save you time and money, our mechanics can come to your location and repair or service your equipment on-site for your ultimate convenience.

Roadside Recovery

At Lighthouse Mechanical, we understand that unexpected occurrences can happen when your fleet is on the road. With long haul truck drivers, anything could happen at any point of their journey. Our skilled mechanics can offer roadside recovery expertise, troubleshoot, and repair any of your fleet vehicles on the spot. Our roadside fleet repair services can get the driver back on the road as fast as possible, which means reduced downtimes and increased efficiency for your company.

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